Why Do You Need TKTX Numbing Cream?

Advice on TKTX


Make a tattoo without pain

TKTX numbing cream allows you to make a tattoo, without feeling anything from beginning to end. Painted evenly on the skin with 2~3mm in0000 thickness, then covered it tightly with a cling film around 40~50 minutes, the skin will achieve anesthesia up to 3-5 hours.(regarding to different color of numb cream).

Tattoo artist comfortable to work

With strict adherence to the instructions of the TKTX and the correct healing of a fresh tattoo, With the use of high-quality tattoo numbing cream, the surface in tattoos can recover quickly.


Yellow 40% TKTX Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g


When it comes to tattoos, it must say that most people who choose a tattoo shop for their first trying feel pain that cannot be suppressed at the beginning of the tattoo.

The skin of such people is sensitive though, they nearly want to give up in the middle of the session due to having a low pain tolerance. Go and search for keywords on ‘Quora’-Tattoo Pain, you will find a lot of questions about whether the first tattoo is painful, what can be used to alleviate or even eliminate the pain, click on it and find that many enthusiastic users have given answers, among them there are some tattoo artists or experienced people who will recommend the numbing cream.

In general, the majority of people feel the pain of tattoos. On the one hand, they pursue fashion and uniqueness, and on the other hand they are very sensitive to pain.

The following picture shows the sensitivity of various parts of the body to tattoos. You can also refer to the comparison to decide which part to choose for tattooing: