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For over 10 years, TKTX Supply has been delivering top-quality numbing creams and unmatched service to our valued customers.

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About the founders

Our story began when our founder Andy Murphy, an avid tattoo enthusiast, was frustrated by the lack of reliable numbing solutions for tattoo sessions. After extensive research, he discovered an innovative formula coming out of China that outperformed every other numbing product.

Thus TKTXSupply was born. We exclusively import and distribute the TKTX brand of numbing cream, trusted worldwide for its premium pain relief. Made with 7% lidocaine, the maximum strength available, our cream works FAST – numbness sets in within minutes. And it lasts, allowing you to sit for marathon tattoo sessions in pure comfort.

we value our clients

At TKTX Supply, we’re tattoo artists ourselves.

We know first-hand the difference our cream makes. While competitors fell short, TKTX allowed us to turn tattoo pain into an afterthought. Once we experienced that freedom, we knew we had to share it with ink lovers everywhere.

Today, we operate the #1 numbing cream fulfillment service on the web. Our warehouses ship orders all over the UK while our customer support team works round-the-clock to answer questions and offer guidance. We provide the friendliest service in the business because we genuinely care about everyone in the tattoo community.

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