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Everyone’s pain threshold is different and having a tattoo doesn’t change this. Not everyone can tolerate the pain of a tattoo, that’s where our tried and tested tattoo painkiller solutions come in.

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Tattoo Numbing Cream Painkiller Solutions

TKTX Fast Numbing Cream

Green TKTX contains 7% lidocaine, 7% prilocaine and 2% adrenaline, which has the highest concentration of active compound. The remaining 5 colors have the same active ingredients: 5% lidocaine, 5% prilocaine and 1% adrenaline.

However, the same combinations are still expressed in different percentages on numbing cream. see the details below or see our guide on how to use tktx numbing cream

Different color mixtures are different. Therefore, even if the combination of active ingredients is almost identical and strong, the actual cream composition will vary. Since not everyone has the same skin and your body has different characteristics, TKTX offers consumers different absorption characteristics and distinguishes them by colors.

TKTX GREEN- Tattoo numbing cream

Green 40% The Best TKTX Numb Cream Anesthetic 3-5 hours Fast Semi Permanent Skin Body Duration

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